The drive is live, thank you

The countdown has begun! Our Kickstarter campaign launched today —


The drive is live on this very exciting link!

— which, if all goes well, will raise $20,000 for the My Shanghai budget. We’ll use the money for sound editing and mixing, color correction, and an original score by Jonathan Geer. Whatever is left over will help us pay for film festival submissions, travel, printing postcards and posters, coffee…

$20K in 30 days.

It’s tempting to break down your Kickstarter goal into an average daily pledge that you need to attract in order to collect your funding at the end. But like the statistical 2.4 children per American household, it’s not very helpful. 30 days is too short to have a “typical” donation experience. Anyway, I prefer to think about our needs in other, less mathematical terms:

20,000  ÷ 30 = 1,000 thanks per moment

Our backers will be rewarded for their generosity. This, too, is hard to calculate. They’ll get stuff, but mostly they’ll get thanks. Our DVDs and streaming downloads come with large quantities of appreciation. We anticipate a lesser number of official hats and VIP passes will go out, but these, too, come with an abundance of gratitude. At this moment, we’ve received $375 in pledges.

 375 = gratitude x abundance


Amazing, isn’t it?

You know what Virginia’s story is about. Please spend a little time on the Kickstarter page and consider pledging your support. Forget the math and do the moment. Oh, and tell your friends.

Thank you.


© 2013 First Straw Films

2 thoughts on “The drive is live, thank you

  1. Hi, Pam, I follow your posts and appreciate your sending them to me. I am not brilliant on the computer, and sometimes (in the past) have had trouble accessing everything. When i get e mails, though, it enables me to access them easily. I would like to make a donation. It would not be a huge ammount, but i guess that (as in everything) every little bit helps. If you can tell me where to send it, i will send a cheque to make a small contribution to the making of this film. I was able to see a recent post which showed a small extract of the film i think that was what it was? It showed Auntie Virginia, Ginny and Barbara walking in a market and also talking. It showed lovely photos of my Father at the end. I found it ver moving to watch this trailer of them all, and also proud to be a part of their family. Hope to hear from you with an address for me to send a small contribution to. Best wishes, Diana (Lumsdaine.)


    1. That’s lovely! I’m glad you were able to see the the promotional trailer for the film. I’ll reply to you privately about how to make a donation. Many thanks.

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