Like our new look?

Here’s where you’ll find all the latest goings-on with My Shanghai.

We have a new format to disguise the fact that we’re still bloggy-based (sshhh!!!), so our posts don’t appear on the front page anymore. It may take a few days to get it all set, but you’ll still get to read all about what’s new around here.

Yeah, in fact, so much is new that some of us have been too busy to write about it. Sound, music and color are currently farmed out to our expert crew — Gonzo, Jonathan and Vashi, respectively. Joan and I are headed to Santa Monica next week to attend the American Film Market (AFM) — which we consider an exploratory mission, not a marketing mission per se. But you never know… and Heidi will connect all the dots at the end to finish — yes! — the whole picture!

Keep you posted.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who has liked us on Facebook. We like that.

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