A toast to the tango

Tango ChampánQ: What’s got more style, the tango or champagne?

A: Why choose when you can have both?

Both, as in “Tango Champán” by Jonathan Geer.

If you’ve visited our Facebook page in the last couple of days, you’ll know we’ve been soliciting title ideas for for the closing credits music. On request from the producers (or was it the writers?), Jonathan wrote a dashing little tango to wrap up the film. I asked him to choose the title from our Facebook suggestions… okay, I planted a few, but our fans threw a lot more into the pot. (Before you say it was too hard to think of a name without hearing the music, did you really wait until after your kids were born to name them?)

My favorite was “Breakfast at Jimmy’s.” Joan begged for “My Shanghai Tango.” In the end, Jonathan chose the most exotic, and who can blame him?

Besides, we’re half a block away from celebrating the end of production and the beginning, we hope, of My Shanghai‘s voyage into festival space. Virginia is almost 94 and she can’t wait to see it.

Champagne all around.


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