Closing credits

As 2013 comes to a close, I’m raising my glass to everyone associated with My Shanghai. So many people have generously supported this documentary. On behalf of the My Shanghai team, I give our most sincere thanks.

If you worked on the film, gave us materials to use onscreen, consulted, researched, held an umbrella over my head or kicked in $100 or more through Kickstarter or otherwise, you will likely see your name listed below.

IMPORTANT! LAST CHANCE! If you see a misspelling, want to alter or eliminate your name, PLEASE tell me now! I can consider TINY CHANGES up until SUNDAY, JANUARY 5th. The master print will be made shortly after that.

MORE EXCITING! We have begun submitting to film festivals. Until we hear something…. well, let’s just say we’re a little superstitious. Hopefully, we’ll be screening at a film festival near you. The running time is 57 minutes, so it’s not destined for theatrical release at your neighborhood cinema. We’ll keep you posted.

For now, just open that bottle of Tango Champán and celebrate knowing you’ve helped bring Virginia’s story to the world.

Where it all started: Virginia is a local celebrity at the farmers' market.
Where it all started: Virginia is a local celebrity at the farmers’ market.

First Straw Films


My Shanghai

A film by    P.H. Wells

Produced in association with     HD Loft Studios

Directed by     P.H. Wells

Appearances by

Virginia Lumsdaine McCutcheon

Ginny Palmer

Barbra Mousouris

John McCutcheon

Eric Palmer

Farmers’ Market Vendor     Gary Billington

Produced by

Producer     P.H. Wells

Executive producers     Joan Macbeth   •   Heather G. Harrison

Co-producer     Tierney Boorboor

Associate producers     Hal Croasmun   •    Bill Hurst

Story + Picture

Cinematographer     Ron Macbeth

Writer     P.H. Wells

Co-writer     Joan Macbeth

Editor     P.H. Wells

Colorist     Vashi Nedomansky

Assistant editor     Heidi Zimmerman

Mastering facility     Mission Control, Portland, Oregon

Filmed on location in San Luis Obispo County, California

Sound + Music

Sound re-recording mixer     Michael ‘Gonzo’ Gandsey

Sound recordists     Ron Macbeth   •   P.H. Wells

Composer, original score     Jonathan Geer

Composer, ‘Tango Champán’     Jonathan Geer

Music performed by     Austin Piazzolla Quintet and friends

Violin     James Anderson

Cello     Tony Rogers

Bass     Phil Spencer

Piano     Jonathan Geer

Accordion     Mike Maddux

Guitar     Adam Carney

Special Thanks

Archival research     Sarah Inglis

Artists     John McCutcheon   •    Irene Duguid Kilpatrick

Chinese calligraphy     Jiyu Yang

Chinese seal carving     Lu Kesi

Japanese print consultants     Thomas A. Crossland,   •   Andreas Grund

Japanese print publishers     S. Watanabe WoodBlock Print Co., Tokyo   •   Doi Hangaten, Tokyo

Photographic archives courtesy of     The McCutcheon & Lumsdaine families

Andy Archibald   •   Greg Leck   •    Rick McGrath   •   Rurik Nystrom   •   Allen Wooten

National Archives, U.K.   •   The Internet Archive

Grassroots publicity     Leanne Collins Miller


Brittani Axtell      •      Roy Baley      •      Lynn Aberle Brown      •      Lynne Bunch      •      Stephanie Burchiel      •      Delia Davies       •       Marina Mousouris Delio      •      Marla Hayes       •       Carol Hovsepian       •       Mary Hurst      •      Dick Jaffe      •      Barbara King       •      Diana Lumsdaine      •      Dawn Ellen McConachie       •       Vern McKimmey      •      Melva McLean      •      Barbra Mousouris      •       Michelle Muldoon      •      Diane Palmer      •      Virginia G. Palmer      •      Randall Platt      •      Rick Schmidt       •       Dana Sears      •       Pedram Shawd      •      Jerry Van Fossen      •      Luana Vargas      •      Gloria Walker      •      Alan Wells      •      David Wells      •       Edward Wells       •       Hannah Wells      •       Mark Wells

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