Which is why they don’t call it MattressStarter

In My Shanghai, Virginia talks about how her mother always hid money in her mattress, just in case. Thankfully, we didn’t have to do that.

Another round of thanks goes to our Kickstarter funders aMy Shanghai moves from production to premiere screening.

A whole bunch of folks contributed $25 to $99, with our appreciation:

Lee Babb  •  Laurie Barlow  •   Floride Bartell  •   Barbara Jo Carlson

Jason Cordova  •   Cheryl Croasmun  •   Michael Gandsey  •   Keren Green

Jamie Hurst  •   Josh Leake  •   Ken Lemm   •   Michael Levitt

Roza Leyderman  •   Marieke Lexmond  •   Lance Mayer  •   Suzanne Olsen

Nat Palmer  •   Viki Posidis    •   Melissa Pugh   •   Nikki Pyne

Cecilia Reid  •  Jenny Schrader  •   Mike Stahl  •   Larry Starke

Sherwood Oaks College   •   Deborah Stenard-Bowman   •   Connie Taylor

Dave Weisbord   •   J’hon Williams  •  Ruth Witteried

Backers who contributed $100 or more are listed in the closing credits of the film (please see “Closing Credits” posted in MY SHANGHAI JOURNAL a couple of days ago). Included there, too, are some folks who may have donated a little less but helped in other ways.

If you backed My Shanghai with a ten-spot, we’re still very grateful! Ten bucks is a show of faith, and that we found in abundance, not in our mattresses.


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