Which is why they don’t call it MattressStarter

In My Shanghai, Virginia talks about how her mother always hid money in her mattress, just in case. Thankfully, we didn’t have to do that. Another round of thanks goes to our Kickstarter funders as My Shanghai moves from production to premiere screening. A whole bunch of folks contributed $25 to $99, with our appreciation: Lee Babb  •  Laurie … More Which is why they don’t call it MattressStarter

Closing credits

As 2013 comes to a close, I’m raising my glass to everyone associated with My Shanghai. So many people have generously supported this documentary. On behalf of the My Shanghai team, I give our most sincere thanks. If you worked on the film, gave us materials to use onscreen, consulted, researched, held an umbrella over my … More Closing credits

A toast to the tango

Q: What’s got more style, the tango or champagne? A: Why choose when you can have both? Both, as in “Tango Champán” by Jonathan Geer. If you’ve visited our Facebook page in the last couple of days, you’ll know we’ve been soliciting title ideas for for the closing credits music. On request from the producers (or was it … More A toast to the tango

Like our new look?

Here’s where you’ll find all the latest goings-on with My Shanghai. We have a new format to disguise the fact that we’re still bloggy-based (sshhh!!!), so our posts don’t appear on the front page anymore. It may take a few days to get it all set, but you’ll still get to read all about what’s … More Like our new look?

Color takes flight

Where better to announce the latest addition to our crew than at 39,000 feet? Meet Vashi Nedomansky, a Los Angeles–based editor who will handle My Shanghai’s color correction and grading. Born in Czechoslovakia, Vashi defected to North America with his parents when he was five years old. “My father was a professional hockey player in the NHL and … More Color takes flight

Deep into sound

My Shanghai’s talent pool just got a lot deeper. With the success of Kickstarter, we’ve now met one of our goals: bringing a top sound editor onto the project. Meet Michael Gandsey, sound designer, re-recording mixer and owner of T2 Audio in Portland. Originally from Burbank, Michael grew up with the music and film industry in … More Deep into sound

24 and counting

At 3pm last Friday, with 24 hours and 2 minutes left on Kickstarter, I posted the first in a series of hourly thank-yous on our Facebook page. Since many of you are not on FB (for good reason, I’m sure), I’ll share them here. Thank you, 3pm Virginia McCutcheon, for being our hero, for opening the book … More 24 and counting

Cracking the K-nut

Attention screenwriters: we added a fantastic new backer reward for the Kickstarter campaign! Now, at the $1000 donation level, Joan and I will do a full evaluation of one of your screenplays. Both of us are experienced readers for competitions, and both of us have had more than a few of our own scripts torn apart by … More Cracking the K-nut

Adventures in radio

Today I’ll be on the radio promoting My Shanghai and our Kickstarter campaign! Join us at 4:30pm PDT on W4CY.com with host Dean Piper on his show, “Adventures of Pipeman.” My Shanghai gets its first 15 minutes of fame on internet radio. Thanks for listening! phw

Shanghai dollar days

Too bad we can’t take Shanghai dollars. At least not like the fiver you see here, which came out of Virginia’s scrapbook. Before that, I’m sure, out of her mattress. Shanghai in the 1930s was safe enough for the Brits in the International Settlement, but you still had to keep a reserve of cash under the … More Shanghai dollar days

Trailer accompli

At last, the demo is done. The promo is ready. Trailer accompli. I’ve posted it on Facebook too, so if you haven’t come and liked our page, this would be a good time! It’s also a good time to mention the Kickstarter launch sometime in the next week. This will provide My Shanghai the level of polish … More Trailer accompli