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Virginia hunts for foliage in Ginny’s garden.

Cast (as themselves)

Virginia Lumsdaine McCutcheon

Ginny Palmer

Barbra Mousouris

John McCutcheon

Eric Palmer

Production Team

Director/Producer: P.H. Wells

Executive Producers: Joan Macbeth, Heather G. Harrison

Co-Producer: Tierney Boorboor

Associate Producers: Hal Croasmun, Bill Hurst

Writer: P.H. Wells

Co-writer: Joan Macbeth

Cinematographer: Ron Macbeth

Colorist: Vashi Nedomansky

Assistant Editor: Heidi Zimmerman

Re-recording Mixer: Michael “Gonzo” Gandsey

Original music by Jonathan Geer

Music performed by members of the Austin Piazzolla Quintet

Filmed on location in San Luis Obispo County, California

Produced by First Straw Films LLC in association with HD Loft Studios, Portland, Oregon

Technical Details

Running time: 00:56:20

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Production format: HD digital

Production year: 2013

Country of production: USA

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

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