More adventures in radio

It was so much fun the first time, I’m doing it again!

W4CYToday, May 29 at 3:05pm PDT, I’ll be back on internet radio to go behind the scenes of My Shanghai. Take your mid-day break, pour yourself a cup of something and listen in!

A chance to talk about the film helps with the final push on Kickstarter, too. We’ve had some awesome new pledges in the last few days, bringing our goal within reach, but it will take a three-day sweep to bring it home. Mashable reports that only 40% of film and video projects on Kickstarter meet their goal, converting pledges to actual donations. The rest — the majority — have to regroup and find that funding elsewhere.

My Shanghai‘s 30-day Kickstarter campaign ends Saturday afternoon. Has it been fun? Yes. Would I do it again?

Ask me Sunday.


Adventures in radio

Today I’ll be on the radio promoting My Shanghai and our Kickstarter campaign!

Join us at 4:30pm PDT on with host Dean Piper on his show, “Adventures of Pipeman.” My Shanghai gets its first 15 minutes of fame on internet radio. Thanks for listening!