My Shanghai: the Film

A documentary by P.H. Wells

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At left: A Banksy mural in Borodankya (PHOTO: KYODONEWS/ZUMA PRESS)

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Growing up fast in 1930s Shanghai, the “Paris of the Orient,” Virginia Lumsdaine McCutcheon was imprisoned by the Japanese in WWII at Lunghwa camp. Her memory sharp as shrapnel, Virginia, 92, unveils a provocative, deeply personal story of love, loss, art, and the art of survival in this one-hour portrait documentary.

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Her daughters and son join her on camera, as well as her grandson, whose bond with his grandmother had taken on new meaning as a young man. Virginia leads us on a walk through her daily life—a trip to the local farmers’ market, a search for perfect flowers for ikebana arrangements, a tour of her Asian art collection—as she unfolds a past full of intrigue, danger, and closely guarded secrets.

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This film is a jewel of the Orient!

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